The Hot Zone: An Apocalypse That Could’ve Been

A nonfiction science written like a science fiction thriller. The lives of the victims of Ebola are living Stephen King horror stories.


Richard Preston’s terrifying book about the Ebola virus is sure to send chills down your spine. While many of us are fortunate enough to live comfortably with adequate health care, other parts of the world don’t have it that way, and are more commonly subject to deadly, unknown viruses with no known cures that come like aliens out of the jungle. The Hot Zone tells the tale of the infamous Marburg and its sister virus, Ebola, detailing its journey into the human world from an isolated cave in Kenya.


The graphic symptoms of Marburg and Ebola are like something out of a science-slash-horror fiction novel, yet this book is very much nonfiction. The Hot Zone raises awareness of the true horrors of the Ebola virus, and how dangerous it can be. For anyone reading this book, you are in for a thrill ride. Dramatic, gripping, and suspenseful, The Hot Zone is sure to keep you on the edge of your chair, praying for the lives of those brave scientists who dared to take a fight against Ebola.

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